Cajon Talk: Ross McCallum

Cajon Talk, episode 1. 

In this very first episode of Cajon Talk, I catch up with internet cajon educator Ross McCallum 9000 miles away in Melbourne, Australia via video chat. I ask Ross about his journey into cajon playing, cajon basics, teaching on YouTube and more. He also gives some great advise for new cajon players.

Ross McCallum on YouTube

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Cajon Talk with Special Guest: Ross McCallum

Ross Hangout

Cajon Talk Google+ Hangout with Ross McCallum LIVE here on Wednesday the 26th of June at 7:30 AM Central U.S time, 10:30pm Melbourne time, 12:30pm UTC (GMT)

Over the past five or so years there have been an increasing number of cajon related videos on YouTube and with it has come a growing number of individuals (like myself) who are offering lessons and tutorials on how to play the cajon. One of these educators who is proving to be very popular is Ross McCallum. McCallum who is based in Melbourne, Australia has been posting lessons to YouTube for only a couple of years now but has already attracted a following of almost 3500 subscribers.

Ross’s videos are popular due to the fact that Ross is not only a great cajon player but is also a gifted teacher. His Cajon Groove Guide which you can download for free, is a very well produced incite into the cajon and a perfect starting point for a beginner cajon player.

On Wednesday the 26th of June at 7:30AM Central U.S time, 10:30PM Melbourne time, 12:30PM UTC (GMT) I will be chatting to Ross about his exploits as a cajon player, internet educator, cajon basics and more. We will be broadcasting live right here at and don’t worry if you miss it, the whole thing will be saved for continued viewing pleasure.

If you are on Google+ You can join the event or leave questions for us here.

I am very excited to talk to Ross and hope you enjoy the hangout.